Limelight - 15 January 2012

Back to the Coro for our biggest event so far, with 18 marvellous performances, including three duets and a quintet! Piano, voice, violin, cello, tenor horn, clarinet and saxophone were all represented. Thanks to all, including our lovely big audience.   

It has been said by a regular audience member that Limelight performers are all particularly good-looking! What a nice compliment to you all and of course I agree! I also believe focus and concentration makes anyone look interesting!   

Note on pics from Deborah - Those of you who were there will know there were more performers than pictured: apologies to those I have missed. Richard has kindly volunteered to take photos at future events, which means (a) pictures will be better and (b) I won't be zooming crazily round the room. Thanks, Richard! 

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