Limelight - Classical Performance

Limelight  gives all classical musicians an opportunity to perform live and music-lovers the chance to experience live music in a different environment and a friendly format.

Limelight  events are announced online and through our growing email list. They are arranged at great, accessible venues, with a good piano and plenty of space. If you would like to share a piece of music or try out a piece before your exam or audition, it's really easy to secure a spot in the schedule.

If your music requires piano accompaniment, bring your own accompanist or bring the printed piano part and perform with our fantastic in-house accompanist. 

Our events guarantee variety - perfect for an audience of mixed age and experience. Seating is arranged around tables, cabaret-style. Arrangements for refreshments vary according to venue. 

Sit back and enjoy the performances!                                                                           

Step into the Limelight

Limelight - the Open Platform for classical music in South Cumbria                                                      Updated Feb 2020