Limelight Background

It's a challenge to develop skill as a performer of classical music. Experience is needed to  display the results of all those hours of practice with poise and composure. Putting on a concert is costly and inappropriate if you don't have an evening’s worth of pieces ready to perform.

Limelight aims to provide a friendly and accessible opportunity for classical musicians of all ages to give short performances, gaining priceless experience in performing and giving pleasure to listeners by sharing their musicianship. It also aims to provide music-lovers with a fresh new format and an easy way to support classical music in a variety of venues across South Cumbria. Each event comprises many short slots, structured to maintain contrast and variety. Performers are encouraged to give a spoken introduction to their music. 

The word is spread through email, word of mouth and a network of music teachers. Events are held in South Cumbrian venues with good quality grand pianos. 

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Limelight - the Open Platform for classical music in South Cumbria                                                      Updated Feb 2020